Boomkat Product Review:

UK’s Bambooman makes good on the promise of his compilation appearances for Brownswood Bubblers and Project: Mooncircle with a full debut suite of lean, crooked hip hop/tronica with soul for Sonic Router. The Yorkshirman’s got a unique sound, attributable at least in part to his production palette of entirely found sounds and field recordings, but also the way he rubs them together, relishing in their elasticity and frictional qualities with microscopically detailed sound design and teetering, polymetric rhythm arrangements. It’s a canny simulacra of the organic and the synthesised, weaving between Lynchian 4th dimensions to hiccuping funk reminding of FAY and Joe, to bandy-legged purple hip hop, lilting Afro projections, clipped darkside garage incursions and hyperkinetic slow/fast pop

Artwork by Oliver Pitt.